General FAQs

Frequently asked questions about BMW – together with their answers.

When is my next service due?


Upcoming services are displayed in the iDrive screen. Follow these steps:

1. My Vehicle/Vehicle information
2. Vehicle status
3. Service requirements
4. Click on the individual service to know when/if they are due.

Yellow/orange color indicates that the car is due for service & the red color indicates that it’s overdue.

How to release the parking brake?


Most parking buttons will be on the top of the gear handle. Press the brake paddle and then press down the P button on the gear handle to release the parking brake. The same goes for applying the parking brake.

Where can I find the VIN/registration number?


​The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), also known as the chassis number, is on the bottom right corner of the windscreen, visible from outside or it will be mentioned on the vehicle registration card (back side).

What are your showrooms/service center timings?


Please click here to know our showrooms & service center timings.

Can I book a service appointment online?


Yes! Please visit to book your appointment.

How can I update my details as the new owner of a BMW purchased outside AGMC?


Please send an email to with the below requirements: 

  • Owner's Car Registration card (both sides)
  • Owner's Emirates ID (both sides)
  • Email address
  • Current mileage
  • Mobile number
  • How much does normal service cost?


    Our Contact Centre cannot answer this question as there is no fixed price for service, normal or otherwise. Our Service Advisors will provide the final cost once it is available.

    How to purchase parts for my BMW?


    ​Contact us on, mention the VIN number (chassis number) and the required part, then our Parts team will reply with quotes and availability within 2-3 working days.

    What's the procedure for accident repairs?


    You do not need to book an appointment, but we recommend you call the body shop prior to reaching our facilities. A police report is mandatory.

    What's included in the service inclusive plus package?


    The Service Package consists of wear and tear repairs as well as maintenance work and services on the factory-made vehicle (including oil, labour and required Original BMW Parts) as stated below:

    • Engine-oil change with oil filter and new oil
    • Service or replacement of air filter, fuel filter, microfilter, spark plugs
    • Service brake fluid
    • Service vehicle check according to BMW specifications
    • Brake pads, front and rear
    • Brake discs, front and rear
    • Windscreen wipers maximum once a year, if required

    What's not included in the repair / warranty package?


    The program "BMW Repair Inclusive" entitles the customer to assert its statutory rights concerning the repair of defects beyond the statutory warranty period during the above-mentioned term of validity of this agreement. The reversal of the burden of proof as stated in the conditions of sale for new vehicles applies accordingly for requests of the customer concerning the rectification of defects.

    If the vehicle is sold, the right to service is transferred to the purchaser until expiration of the period of validity.

    The prerequisite is that the vehicle has been correctly driven and that the maintenance, inspection or services have been carried out in full and at the specified intervals (as specified by the service intervals displayed in the vehicle) as specified by the manufacturer.

    The following services are NOT included in the "BMW Repair Inclusive" package:

    • Fuel and contamination in the fuel system
    • Damage to paint finish, body, covers, panels
    • Wear in the interior (e.g. interior trim, covers, arm rests and handles)
    • Damaged glass (e.g. mirrors, windows, headlights)
    • Vehicle battery
    • Adjustment work, wind, squeaking and rattling noises, as well as any odours
    • Tyres, wheel balance weights and wheel damage
    • Repairs of accessories that were not original manufacturer's equipment and were not ordered with the new vehicle
    • Repairs for which the vehicle user is responsible (e.g. engine damage due to deficiency of oil, participation in race events)

    All BMW Warranty terms and conditions will be applied