At AGMC, we prioritize your safety and your vehicle's optimal performance. That's why we are pleased to extend an exclusive offer for a complimentary Tire Health Check to assess the condition of your tires.

Our team of expert technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your tires, covering the following key aspects:

Tire Pressure and TPMS SensorsEnsuring your tires are appropriately inflated for improved fuel efficiency and safety.
Tire ConditionCheck for any signs of flaking, chips, bulges, punctures, or cuts that could jeopardize your safety.
Signs of Uneven WearIdentifying potential alignment issues that might impact tire performance.
Tread DepthEvaluating the depth of the tire treads to maintain excellent grip and handling on the road.
Spare Tire or Inflation KitVerifying the condition and usability of your backup solution.

If a tire replacement is necessary, AGMC exclusively offers Approved Tires, specially designed to enhance the performance of your BMW. These tyres are meticulously crafted to ensure precise handling, optimum comfort, and exceptional grip on all road surfaces. To demonstrate our commitment to quality, all BMW Approved Tires bear the star (★) mark stamp of approval, attesting that they meet the highest standards set by BMW.

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and book your complimentary Tire Health Check now. Ensure your safety and make the most of your BMW driving experience with AGMC's Tire Health Check.

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