The driving dynamics of the BMW 4 Series Convertible.

Experience driving dynamics in its purest form. With the BMW 4 Series Convertible you can unleash your urge for freedom in every drive. All thanks to BMW’s innovative technologies, which reliably keep you on course and offer maximum safety even if you have a penchant for sporty, agile driving.

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The 8-speed Steptronic transmission sets a new benchmark in terms of dynamic performance and efficiency and is a key element of BMW Efficient-Dynamics. The particularly finely tuned gradation of the gears allows optimum power delivery – from low through to high speeds. This reduces fuel consumption significantly, while enabling the driver to enjoy even more sporty flair and dynamic performance. At high speeds in particular, the additional gears reduce engine speed and therefore both fuel consumption and engine noise.
The converter clutch is a contributing factor here – even if it is changed into manual shift mode. In combination with the fast engine speed transitions and the precise transmission tuning, it provides a very high level of shift comfort and reduces noise considerably.
Thanks to the 8-speed Steptronic transmission from BMW EfficientDynamics, it is now possible to actively boost performance in vehicles with the new Predictive Drive Train via the Driving Experience Control. In the "Sport" mode, the transmission management uses data from the navigation system to deliver a level of responsiveness that is even more dynamic and spontaneous based on route characteristics. As suggested by its name, the "Comfort" mode offers a comfort-oriented shift programme with fewer shifts.


The Driving Experience Control gives you the choice: change from Comfort Mode, with the standard engine and transmission settings, to ECO PRO Mode, geared towards efficiency, or Sport Mode, which enables more dynamic driving.

  • ECO PRO Mode
  • ECO PRO Route


The ideal suspension for even more dynamic handling – the electronically controlled dampers in the Adaptive M Suspension adapt to suit the current driving style and road conditions. The damper characteristics can be modified using the Driving Experience Control.
A noticeably firmer damper setting is activated when the Sport mode is selected via the Driving Experience Control. In Sport+ mode, the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) is replaced by the Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), which allows for even more dynamic driving.


Variable sport steering with Servotronic allows for direct and agile driving characteristics with minimal steering effort. It reacts by varying the steering ratio independently of the current speed. In doing so, it reduces the necessary steering movement to achieve a particularly tight steering angle. This greatly improves agility, particularly when driving dynamically around tight bends and curves or when swerving to avoid an obstacle. It also enhances comfort when parking, turning and manoeuvring. For small steering angles, the system provides excellent directional stability and a very high degree of steering precision.