Maintenance plus wear-and-tear:

BMW Service Inclusive Plus.

BMW Service Inclusive Plus.BMW Service Inclusive Plus covers not only scheduled service and maintenance but also wear-and-tear repairs giving you the freedom to concentrate on your number one priority: driving.
The Service Package consists of wear and tear repairs as well as maintenance work and services onthe standard vehicle (including oil, labour and required original BMW Parts) as stated under points 1-8:

1. Engine-oil change with oil filter and new oil
2. Service or replacement of air filter, fuel filter, microfilter, spark plugs
3. Service brake fluid
4. Service vehicle check according to BMW specifications
5. Brake pads, front and rear
6. Brake discs, front and rear
7. Clutch (if worn)
8. Windscreen wiper blades (during engine oil change, if necessary)

The prerequisite is that the vehicle has been correctly driven and that the service intervals specified for the vehicle have been met or the service are due and have been performed in accordance with the specifications of the manufacturer.
Services provided by BMW Road Assistance, statutory warranty claims as well as exclusions of warranty claims as stated in the conditions of sale for new vehicles remain unaffected.
* The selection of a service package will permanently define the operating time/vehicle performance.

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