BMW X3 : Aerodynamics


Painstaking research in wind tunnels and with computer simulations has given the BMW X3 one of the best drag coefficients in its class. Lower consumption, better acoustics and greater safety are the results.


The optional roof rail, for example, has been sculpted to reduce air resistance and therefore driving noise. The vehicle's underbody is almost entirely smooth: air streams without turbulence from front to rear. Shaped elements known as "ram air lips" channel air past the wheels and directs it to cool the brakes. Simultaneously, the underbody protects the vehicle from stone strike and dirt. The low Cd value also ensures that the BMW X3 sticks firmly to the road at high speeds. The optional Aero light-weight alloy 306 wheel rims boost your vehicle's aerodynamics and efficiency even further.

These innovations are the result of the BMW Group's creation of a dedicated aerodynamics testing centre. On a range of different testing stands, vehicles are subjected to wind speeds up to 280 km/h; performance in rain, snow and ice is measured. Exposed to temperatures from -30° to 55°C and altitudes up to 4200 metres above sea level, the BMW X3 has proven its abilities in every extreme.

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